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HTML5, openFrameworks, Objective-C, Flash, After Effects, Cinema4D


openFrameworks, HTML5, Processing, Flash


Hello! I’m Colin, a Creative Developer located in Los Angeles, California. Over the past few years my work has ranged from being a 3D Artist, to a Technical Developer, concentrated on creating atmospheric work with personality. Nowadays, my focus is on creating mobile & installation projects.

In 2012, Mike, James & I cofounded Design Symphony, LLC, a small studio to house the mobile games, children’s books, toys, and other products we create that make you laugh and smile. DS is proudly represented by UTA.

When I’m not working on DS’s next toy or freelancing, you can often find me drawing, skateboarding, and biking. In my spare time I like to create experimental work, focused on design, animation, and new technologies. A lot of my experiments are uploaded to Github, especially ever since I created Raven and have been getting serious with HTML5.

Thanks for visiting! :)